On June 6, AKRO and automotive industry partners gathered for AKRO technical dialogue 2019 in Jiading, where is the automotive industry base, to exchange industry trends and share technical insights.

Mr. Wilfried Jobst, General Manager of K.D.F Asia Pacific, and Mr. Thilo Stier, Global Sales and Innovation Director of AKRO , gave a welcome speech to introduce the latest product developments of AKRO and in recent years in China. And the good performance achieved in other countries and regions around the world.

Mr. Linda Xu, Sales Director of AKRO China from K.D.F, gave a more detailed introduction to K.D.F's corporate history and business content, and highlighted the production of AKRO products. Quality to sales and the history of development in China. In the course of the expansion of the Chinese market, "The job must be sharpened first”, and with the quality of the products, AKRO's brand image has been continuously rising in the industry.

In addition, IHS Markit, a global automotive information consulting company, also joined the industry gathering. Consultant Mr. Huaibin Lin gave a speech on industry trends in conjunction with hotspots. In the on-site questioning session, there are even more questions on the Sino-US trade wars that everyone is paying close attention to now, which is quite rewarding.

Our OEM and other auto parts business partners share the latest information on their own products in the automotive industry. The business perspectives of different products tell the product story, so that the industry guests can better understand the automotive industry in all aspects.

Mr. Wolfgang Plezer, General Manager of AKRO's brother company M.TEC Solutions, brings the development of M.TEC's product design to many well-known brands around the world, and sincerely hopes to cooperate with it in the near future. More and more Chinese customers are working together.

Among the products that AKRO frequently attracts attention from the Akromid B3 Lite series, which can replace hydrolysis-resistant PA66, water-assisted molding technology to electric neutral flame-retardant nylon products, Mr. Thilo Stier, Mr. David Chen and Mr. Daniel Li made presentations and answered the technical questions in detail.

As the first technical dialogue of AKRO-PLASTIC in China, AKRO Germany and China's responsible persons have given high priority to interact with business partners frequently at the conference site, and to understand the most direct and real demands of customers. We can see that in AKRO's business blueprint, there are both efficient sales models and German R&D technology, plus professional sales and service teams. It is believed that in the near future, AKRO can provide Chinese customers better and more comprehensive product solutions.