We think polyamide. This is the holistic approach of HS AKRO, with which we develop new pioneering solutions for plastic production and compounding every day. Whether with comprehensive material testing in our accredited testing laboratory, with the optimisation of production sequences and compounder systems, or with the development of new formulas for customer-specific requirements: you can rely on our high quality, which sets industry standards.

Research and Development

Innovation is crucial to our customers. Therefore, we continuously improve our products and develop new solutions.
Our Research and Development department aims to meet customers' requirements with the latest trends and innovative ideas. We integrate market information into our operations, and create innovative products with years of professional knowledge.
Of course, we are not alone. In order to meet your demands better, we cooperate with many partners and research institutions.

Laboratory Services

In our lab, we combine expert knowledge about material testing and production know-how. As one of just a few medium-sized companies producing plastics and compounds, we offer comprehensive material testings. Our customers benefit from our lab personnel experienced in production environments. The knowledge of all employees is constantly improved by both practical work and theoretical trainings.