Focus on lightweight design

Lightweight design is a key factor influencing product development at AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH. That's why the compounder is making this theme the focus at K 2016 in Düsseldorf.

"With our innovative "ICF" carbon-fibre-reinforced compounds, we have been able to realise a number of serial applications that actively contribute to lowering CO2 emissions", said Thilo Stier, Head of Sales and Innovation at AKRO-PLASTIC. Some of these components will be on display at the exhibition booth.

The AKROMID® Lite type series (PA-based with chemically coupled PP) has grown to include new products that not only reduce weight but also deliver a range of technical enhancements to specific properties. Low density, outstanding chemical resistance, and good adhesion to olefin-based TPE types are notable characteristics of this product series.


The following innovations will be presented at K 2016:

·         AKROMID® B28 LGF 40 1 L: one of the first polyamide blends with long glass fibre technology and excellent chemical resistance. The high-performance glass fibres used here give the product excellent strength values at higher temperatures, with strengths exceeding those of a 50% short glass fibre-reinforced polyamide at 120°C.

·         AKROMID® B3 ICF 20 1 L: This type permits substantial weight reduction (comparable with non-reinforced PA) whilst delivering superb mechanical properties. Further weight reductions can be achieved using blowing agents.

·         AKROLOY® PARA ICF 40: This polyamide blend, distinguished by its extremely high strength and excellent surface finish, will be presented for the first time at K 2016.


At K 2016 the compounder will also announce that the electrically neutral compound type series AKROMID® EN will be produced at factories in China and Brazil using the same Innovative Compounding and Extrusion (ICX®) technology as in Germany, thus ensuring the global availability of this product series.

ICX® technology also provides the technological advantage of guaranteeing the high mechanical strengths required in flame-retardant products, which call for high quality across the board. Examples include the following types:

·         AKROMID® C3 1 FR, featuring extreme toughness (e.g., for integral film hinges) at V0@0.4mm

·         AKROMID® C3 GF25 1 FR, featuring extreme flowability for thin walls at V0@0.4mm

·         AKROMID® B3 1 FR, featuring low smoke gas density and low smoke gas toxicity


The products with reduced moisture absorption in the AKROMID® RM type series have also gained a highly reinforced addition to the line-up: AKROMID® B3 GF 60 4 RM-M (see photo 1: Typical application: fan blades).

AKROTEK® PK-VM CF 10 TM, a special polyketone-based product, boasts impressive elastic properties despite being carbon-fibre reinforced (see photo 2: Typical application: furniture assembly tool).


Together with Plasmatreat GmbH, AKRO-PLASTIC will present a live demonstration in the Plasmatreat exhibition space (Hall 11 booth G04) to showcase the latest innovation, which ensures superior adhesive bonding between metal and plastic. The demonstration will feature a stainless steel bracket integrally extruded with AKROMID® B3 GF 30. Arburg, KUKA, and Krallmann will also be taking part in this demonstration.



AKRO-PLASTIC, K.D. Feddersen, AF-COLOR, and BIO-FED will share an exhibition space at K 2016, located in Hall 06, booth B42.

Figure 1: Fan blades for passenger car air vents in AKROMID® B3 GF 60 4 RM-M
Figure 2: Furniture assembly tool in AKROTEK® PK-VM CF 10 TM