In a world with fast-paced technological advancement, higher requirements for materials with rapidly changing application are appearing . AKRO-PLASTIC's ICF carbon fibre reinforced compounds, based on PA 6, PA 66 , PK, PPA, and a partially aromatic CoPA (AKROLOY PA), combines high strength with low density. Its diversified, high-quality product portfolio makes customized solutions for customers in different market segments possible . While meeting various customer requirements, ICF compounds are more competitive by reducing the production cost.

An Easy Way for Young Parents to Take Their Babies Out

As people continue to pursue a life of higher quality, new parents want to take their babies out with ease. It is therefore a new challenge for many material suppliers to create a light and convenient solution for traveling with babies. The new material from AKRO is suitable for baby travel products like strollers, safety seats, and cradles, reducing their weight by more than 30% and protecting the safety of babies. A safer and more convenient travel solution is there for younger parents. An easy and carefree lifestyle on the screen is no longer a distant dream but a reality in our daily life.

A Guarantee to Quality and Performance of Drones

Today drones have become a high-tech product accessible to all. A growing market demand makes quality stability a top priority of drone manufacturers. AKRO-PLASTIC's ICF compounds enjoy standard production lines under the Innovative Compounding and Extrusion (ICX®) technology to ensure identical quality. Featuring similar filler content, ICF compounds will make blades  of different batches more balanced to facilitate stable mass production for manufacturers. Thilo Stier, Head of Sales and Innovation at AKRO-PLASTIC, said, "We have maintained consistent quality for products in different batches and even different lines."

Facilitate Mechanized Textile Production
With rapid popularity of the Story of Yanxi Palace, China's time-honored embroidery has attracted a lot of attention. The transformation from hand embroidery to mechanized production means higher accuracy and requirements for the spindle and embroidery machines.

For traditional textile machinery, the weight of parts, noise and static electricity in the production process are problems besetting the production and product quality. ICF compounds, however, provide an effective solution for machinery manufacturers. They can greatly reduce the weight of picker sticks and increase the operating frequency. Besides, they can reduce machine noise dramatically, protecting workers from sound pollution. Their outstanding performance in wear and corrosion resistance allows parts and components to withstand industrial corrosion and realize a longer service life. Our antistatic ICF carbon fibre composite can also effectively prevent embroidery from static electricity created by repeated operation and friction of shuttles and shafts to ensure final product quality.

An Amazing Experience for Fishing Enthusiasts
In the past, most low- and medium-end fishing rods were made from glass fibre and metal materials. As carbon fibre grew popular, they started to include carbon fibre accessories. AKRO-PLASTIC's ICF carbon fibre composite reduces the weight of fishing rods by 25% and shortens the assembly process through batched injection molding, making  the rods more comfortable to hold. The ICF compounds based on aromatic PA will improve the dimensional stability of fish wheels, delivering a better experience to customers even in demanding environment from fresh to seawater.

With its stable product quality and diverse product portfolio, the ICF series helps  manufacturers in various fields solve long-standing problems, so that they can grab a slice of the market and maintain a competitive edge.