All along, the design and development of industrial products have been stuck in the early stage of “discovering problems and solving problems”, so they often invest a lot of financial resources and time in the early stage of the project. However, often after the sample was completed, it was found that there were many difficult problems in product design.


At this point, developers have spent a lot of money on developing molds and testing certifications. After discovering the problem, we had to re-analyze it. What's more, the molds that were invested in the previous period had to be scrapped.


Then, how to help R & D personnel accurately predict the structure of the product during the project development phase, so that the function of the product is more in line with the design requirements, thus shortening the project development time and saving costs? With the rapid changes in industrial demand, this has become a problem that everyone must face.


As a provider of all-phase solutions from product concept design development to final industrial realization, AKRO-PLASTIC Ankero's brother company M.TEC - formerly affiliated with the IKV Plastics Institute of the University of Aachen, Germany, is now officially launched. Provide program services to users in China.


From the aspects of product concept design and feasibility analysis, structural design, computer simulation, production technology and risk analysis and evaluation, we provide users with all-round support.

1 product concept designAccording to the product requirements provided by the customer, the feasibility analysis and risk analysis of the product design are carried out, and the conceptual design and preliminary development design of the product are made.

2 Design stageProduct structure design, material selection based on structural and functional requirements, to provide customers with optimized solutions.

3 Simulation analysisInjection molding process simulation, potential failure simulation analysis, and simulation analysis of product lightweighting.

4 verification phaseProduct models, functional tests, and subsequent test patterns.

5 Mass production supportSelection of injection molding equipment, mass production process optimization, mold design, functional certification and product lifecycle management.


Case study

Computer simulation analysis runs through the whole process of product definition, design and processing, test analysis and industrialization.

With reference to the following cases, how can M.TEC achieve efficient product development and design through computer simulation technology:

a. Product analysis

1. Identify the product failure mode and understand the product usage and functional requirements.

2. Confirm simulation analysis tool - mold flow analysis / finite element analysis.

b. Mold flow analysis

1. Clarify the impact of product technology on materials and product functions.

2. Product test fracture pattern and material glass fiber orientation.

c. Finite element analysis

1. Identify the area of peak stress and strain

2. The peak stress area is consistent with the product rupture positiond.

d. Feasibility optimization plan

1. Replace the material with better performance

2. Product structure optimization

3. Mold structure optimization (gate position change, change the position of the weld line)

e. Sample passing

Use the optimized model to do the limit test condition analysis, pass!

In this case, we can find that the optimization model assumes that the same material is used to reduce the maximum stress peak without increasing the weight of the part.

Through analysis, we found the problem and gave an optimization plan. And through computer simulation to verify the optimization program, reducing the risk of subsequent verification. After the actual model change, the product test passed smoothly.We can already see that the innovative power of China's industrial design is increasingly pointing to the world. M.TEC is willing to work with Chinese users to improve product design and development efficiency and use technology to change human life.

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