AKROLOY® PA enables you to substitute metal parts with innovative products made from plastic. Low costs and constant cost savings are the prerequisite for the work of every privately owned company. Furthermore, in a lot of different industries, weight reduction is an important topic. Hence, metal substitution has become crucial. For the automobile industry as well as for companies working in machine building, die-cast metals are more and more substituted by highly-specialized plastics. To enable such applications, we have developed AKROLOY® PA. The AKROLOY® PA product family has been expanded to include new variants specifically for drinking water applications involving cold water (23 °C). Especially in requirements of a heavy metal free product and a cheap manufacturing process, high tech compounds are needed for metal replacement. The approvals were prepared with internationally recognized standards of ACS, KTW, NSF 61 and WRAS


AKROMID® A, B and C basis program

AKROMID® A (Polyamide 6.6) and AKROMID® B (Polyamide 6) are engineering compounds, being characterized by high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal resistance. Furthermore, these polyamides offer high toughness at low temperatures as well as easy processing. Our basic program ranges from unreinforced variants up to 60 % glass fiber reinforced materials.



Constant demand for weight reduction. That is why AKRO-PLASTIC has developed a series of compounds with similar properties such as polyamide with an additional lower density, namely AKROMID® Lite (L) and AKROMID® XtraLite (XL). Significantly lower density of 10% compared to polyamide 6 compounds.


ICF Products

Called „ICF“, our new carbon-fibre-reinforced type series based on polyamide 6, polyamide 6.6, PPA, aliphatic polyketone (PK) and partially aromatic PA 6.6 (AKROLOY® PA) combines high strength with low density and an attractive price. The compounds are finished with a carbon fibre content of 10 to 40 %. These materials, AKROMID® B3 ICF 40, a PA6-based compound, for instance, achieve a tensile modulus of 30,000 MPa and a flexural strength of 320 MPa, with 1.8 % elongation at break. AKROMID® A3 ICF 40, a PA 6.6-based compound, even achieves 33,000 MPa with a flexural strength of 370 MPa.



Once again available, this aliphatic polyketone (PK) fills many gaps in the polymer offering with its universal qualification for a wide range of applications. The renaissance of this polymer came about in 2004 with an environmental program aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. The comonomer is CO (carbon monoxide), an industrial „waste” gas, which forms an unusual product when bonding with the polymer. The terpolymer, which forms the basis of most AKROTEK® PK formulations when using the monomers ethylene and propylene, currently has the greatest significance.



Polyamides are the largest product group of engineering plastics. They are typically used in engineering parts in the form of compounds. Alongside non-reinforced compounds, filled or reinforced compounds are used primarily to increase stiffness and strength.



For special applications, very often a material with reduced moisture absorption is desired, however, whereas the compliance with the other Polyamide typical performance is required. Especially for those requirements, our AKROMID® RM-series has been developed.



With the AKROMID® FR series (Flame Retardant), a complete portfolio is available on basis of Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6.6 in the area of electro- and electronic applications. Self-evidently all products of the AKROMID® FR series are free of halogens, do not contain one of the prohibited bromine types and can be colored into almost every color due to the non-available red phosphorus.



Particular mention within this product family deserves the fact, that AKROMID® S, a polyamide 6.10, consists of up to 70% of a biogenic part and consequently even as “drop-in polymer” fulfils the definition of a biological compound. Characteristic for this material is the very high media resistance and excellent low-temperature impact strength. The product ranges from unreinforced to 50 % glass fiber reinforced variants.



The product family AKROMID® T is particularly characterized by high temperature resistance as well as the lowest moisture absorption of all three PA-types. In this way, it is particularly suitable for applications with high temperature loading in the automotive sector and mechanically highly stressed parts in engine construction.