Seminar | AKRO-PLASTIC Technology Seminar

The AKRO-PLASTIC Seminar was held in a conference room within the exhibition centre at 2 pm on April 27. Industry peers came to learn and exchange the thoughts with our technicians.

No empty seat in the Seminar


The seminar covered three topics which respectively related to our three newly-developed key products from


Sales Director, Mr. Luo Mingzhi, introduced the product advantages for AKROMID®Lite
Market Sales Manager, Mr. Kevin Liu-Fu, explained the characteristics of AKROTEK®PK
Sales Manager, Mr. Chen Bo, discussed the product characteristics of ICF


The contents of the seminar are summarized below to provide a scientific overview on the advantages and applications of these new products.

AKROMID® Lite Polyamides:

  • Maintain the mechanical properties of polyamide with lower density, better chemical resistance as well as good impact strength at low temperatures;
  • Applications: areas surrounding car engines, such as the hood, fan covering and blades; car interiors such as seat belt buckles, cup holders, baggage space handlers; car exteriors such as handles, rear-view mirrors; furniture fittings, electric tools and so on.

AKROTEK® PK Polyketones:

  • Phenomenal chemical resistance, excellent tribological properties, good barrier properties, outstanding flexibility and resilience, short processing cycles;
  • Applications: gears, bearings, hoses, valves, transmission systems, hydraulic systems, railings and so on.

ICF Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Products:

  • High tensile modulus, low density, reasonable cost;
  • Applications: engine hoods, chassis components, central control station, throttles, clutches, gearboxes and air conditioning outlet blades.